Since  1972, Kenmar Camera has been in the camera and video repair business.
Camera professionals and amateurs  rely on us for all their Camera repair needs. Our experienced technicians have  repaired over 1.5 million cameras throughout the years that we've been in  business.

From our professional, personal and  friendly service, our customers are extremely satisfied.  We offer higher  quality camera repair service and unbeatable prices to our customers. Quality professional service and extensive product knowledge has been the cause of our success. 
We use the latest test equipment and manufacturer support materials to repair your camera equipment.

Kenmar Camera specializes in camera  repairs on Hasselblad, Nikon, Cannon, Minolta, Leica, and many other camera  manufacturer brands. We perform repairs on digital and 35mm cameras, medium  format, and large format equipment. We also service video cameras.

​We invite you to enjoy the advantages and benefits of working with our establishment's quick and dependable services.

Canon®, Nikon®, Sony®,

Panasonic®, Pentax®, Olympus®, Fujifilm®, Kodak®, Hasselblad®, Contax®, Exaka®, Konica Minolta®, Leica®

The brands we work

with include:

We have been in the camera repair business since 1972  when we opened Kenmar Camera Repair department in Utica, MI. At Kenmar, we provide one of the most comprehensive and professional camera repair services in the country. 
Since then our company has evolved. We service the entire continental US via mail order.

In addition to providing the leading repair service in the industry... Our shipping policies are unmatched. Your only risk is shipping costs. If you decline a repair we will ship the equipment back to you, fully insured, for a nominal fee of $10.00 - to cover our costs.

Repairs are done on an estimate basis for your convenience. We offer preliminary estimates at your request prior to receipt, or view our list of common camera repair estimates.

Our camera cleaning service is also unprecedented in the industry. Our experienced technicians perform a professional cleaning and full diagnostic of your camera and report to you - all at the lowest prices. We check, clean and adjust your equipment to factory specifications.

We perform 35mm camera and repairs, digital camera cleaning and repair, as well as medium format and large format camera repairs. We also perform flash and camera lens repairs. Please also inquire about video camera repairs.

Once again, we hope that we can be at your service.